Marko Ltd.

We are building facilities that have the durability and quality, and we believe that the constructions buildings are not built just for today but also for the future generations. Therefore we like to say that with the strong-arm we are building a future.

Marko Ltd. is a construction company from Osijek and has been founded in 1996. The principal activities of these company are building (high and low construction) and marketing.

We own a license to work on the structures of the I, II, III, IV construction groups. Some of the construction work that we perform are:

Earthworks, masonry buildings, houses, bulkheads, with all types of masonry materials, masonry brick, stone, reinforced concrete, all types of materials, roofing works (construction of the roof, eaves, etc.)

We are doing the final construction work such as installation and assembly of the facade, installation of glazing, building walls, interior walls, lowering ceilings, installation of windows, doors, ceramic, stone, and other joinery, preparing the walls for the installation, plastering, and soboslike works.


With a long tradition of building we have built many buildings and we have succeed in the market of Osijek-Baranja county. Clients who can guarantee for our quality are:

GS Capital Ltd. Osijek, HEP TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Ltd. OSIJEK, HEP DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Ltd. OSIJEK, CPIA Zagreb - Osijek, Railways - Croatia - Osijek, Lantea DD Zagreb, Osijek KOTEKS D.D. Osijek, Petrakov Ltd. Zagreb, PETROL TRADE Ltd. Zagreb, STROJOPROMET Ltd. Zagreb, Dom Zdravlja Osijek, Spin Informatica Ltd. Osijek

We hope that you will become part of our satisfied clients. .

Client List